Friday, August 7, 2009

One for the good ol' days.

I miss you by Monkey Majik

If you try to fly
I would catch you if you'd fall
And let you go

Could I hold your hands
And we could fly together somewhere
Just me and you

We'd be floating by
See you gather way up high
So pretty like

And our time will pass
And we will be together
But our past may change
And we could be together no more
Better say goodbye (yeah yeah)

I want to say

And when the skys begin to cloud
About the moment when the sun comes out
And you'll know the meaning
'cause I'll be there right by your side
And when the starlit sky begins to shine
(Oh) like it's never shined before
You'll know I miss you
Yeah, and I miss you

Every long goodbye
Far away from her lone nights
Can't remember you

Couldn't say your name
But I'm glad I met you (I miss you)
Was it all a dream?

Am I floating by your window
While you're sleeping
Hello, better open your eyes

But our time has passed
And we had been together
But our past may change
And we could be forever no more
Better say goodbye (yeah yeah)

I want to say
(Chorus) x 2

If you try to fly, (oh no)
You know I miss you

p/s : In memory of somebody.....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

July WTF!!!!

Nothing much happened in july worth writing. I've been kinda buzy for the whole month. Just a few things to mention, for starters a big congratulation to Eddy Hamzani who got married recently. Good thing i managed to go to your wedding thanks to Sotet who picked me up. Another congrats goes to my cousin Wati, which i didn't get to go to her wedding. Really sorry, i'll make it up to you later.

Then there's the company dinner held at Dewan Felda Jalan Semarak on 28th of July. The event was great, in fact it was better than last year's dinner. Everything was awesome, form the place, the food and entertainment. And yes this year i got the lucky in the lucky draw!!!! F**k yeah!!! I got some voucher to spend at Giant's supermarket. Here are some pictures from the event.

Performance by dancers from DBKL.

Company theme song.

Some of the food served.

Group performance for the opening ceremony.

With the guys.

I don't think i have more to write, guess that's it for now. Later this week might go for a picnic at Hulu langat. Maybe i'll post some pics form then. That's it from me now. Will write back in a few days time.

Monday, June 8, 2009


You hate it don't you? When people start talking back to you. Talking about what you have to say about them. Then, why can't you accept what they have to say.  When you think about it, it doesn't matter at all. Start hiding if you don't like it. Stop talking ill of others, won't that show you're the same as those you talk about. Try to be fair for a change. Why expect others to be "friendly " when you shuts yourself, assume they don't like you. Come on, grow up!!! It's harsh, yes it's harsh. But that's what makes life goes around. It's not always up for everyone you know. What are you? Some kinda saint for people to be praising you all the time. Let's be real here, face those people. Tell them directly what you have to say and try not to shut yourself again. We are reasonable people you know..... Don't like it, go dig a hole and shut yourself will ya.

We're buddies or were we buddies. You decide. I won't conclude anything.

Monday, May 25, 2009

So ronery again..

Happy birthday to meeeeeeee, happy birthday to meeeeeeee, happy birthday to meeeeeeee, but still i feel so ronery......